How I created my blog with Heroku and Plone

In my first post, I explain how I made my blog, with Plone, Heroku and buildout.


In this post, I explain how I use Heroku and the heroku build pack for the creation of a blog. I have thinking about create a blog with plone and Heroku after the ploneconf in Bristol and the talk of zupo (thanks for his great job).


So I started... I created a blog because of a friend (a no developer guy) would like to have a blog. And I thought, maybe it's a good idea to try plone with heroku. In this case I tried to make a very easy Plone site with only "Blog Post" object available (I changed my mind after). I created 2 pacakges:

 And I also create a buildout.

Buildout was very easy because of documentation of heroku build pack, I added a heroku.cfg file on my buildout pakcage. This heroku file extends buildout.cfg with this parts for instance with relstorage :

recipe = plone.recipe.zope2instance
relative-paths = true
eggs +=

rel-storage =
    keep-history false
    blob-dir /tmp/blobcache
    shared-blob-dir false
    type postgresql
    host PG_HOST
    dbname PG_DBNAME
    user PG_USER
    password PG_PASS


I already have a free account on Heroku, so I simply push my heroku branch and the build pack automaticaly added a postgres plugin, start buildout with heroku.cfg... And it was online.

In my policy, I used and install these packages : 

  • collective.quickupload
  • collective.contentrules.yearmonth
  • plonetheme.bootstrap
  • plone.formwidget.captcha

I still have little work to do as

  • change logo
  • improve comments
  • improve rss feed view (not only title and description into rss feed)

Now you have no more excuse for creating your personnal blog with plone for improving Plone communication and community !

David Bain
David Bain says:
Dec 23, 2014 03:02 AM

Have you checked the output of "heroku pg"? My concern at the moment is Heroku's 10,000 row limit. Because of Plone's RelStorage approach you're probably close to 9,000 rows already.

bsuttor says:
Dec 23, 2014 07:47 AM

At this time, I'have 4805/10000 rows. I use this buildout for relstorage :

David Bain
David Bain says:
Dec 23, 2014 09:30 PM

I'd be curious to find out how many blog posts can be supported on the free tier. Comparatively speaking, a fresh install of Kotti gets you 8/10,000 rows, it seems like a better candidate for running a blog on heroku. BTW.. I run but the number of content items isn't likely to grow that quickly.

Jens Klein
Jens Klein says:
Dec 23, 2014 07:31 AM

To reduce the number of objects in db i would use history free mode of RelStorage and tune the bucket size in btree code, i.e. 2x or 4x of the default.

Steffen Linnder
Steffen Linnder says:
Oct 17, 2015 03:44 PM

Not sure if your blog is on

If not would be great to get added there. Really great posts...

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